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We’re Julia and Sam, a Polish-Australian duo. Our paths crossed in 2012 during our global adventures, and it’s safe to say our love story had a blissful ending. These days, we call the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland our home. In 2021, we welcomed our son Hugo into our family, and we now discover this world together.

We were known initially as – a website about Julia’s solo round-the-world trip – this blog was born from our love for travel, a desire to share our experiences with the world, and a strong belief in living life on our terms. Over the years, it has become Australia’s most famous Polish blog. We published two travel books and multiple articles in travel magazines (offline and online), were frequently interviewed about life in Australia, and helped hundreds of keen travellers plan their amazing Australian adventures.

Join us as we embark on exciting journeys, uncover hidden gems, and provide valuable insights into the beautiful land Down Under.

Julia Gospo Profile 2023


Initially from Poland, I embarked on a life-changing solo round-the-world trip in my late twenties, leading me to Australia, where I found love with my husband, Sam. With a background in social psychology, I find joy in observing strangers and listening to their captivating stories. Having worked in the media industry for over 15 years, I’ve shared compelling narratives with the world. Now, as a proud mother to little Hugo, I embrace the joys of parenthood. And believe it or not, I’m contemplating a new venture into the world of… farming.

Sam 2020


An Aussie with a vibrant Polish heritage. After moving from Melbourne to Brisbane some time ago, he found his true calling and never looked back. With over 14 years in the aviation industry, Sam’s passion for everything that soars through the sky knows no bounds. When he’s not immersed in aviation, you’ll find him indulging his love for dirt bikes and relishing the warmth of campfire gatherings.