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A Car for a Dollar A Day – Relocations

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A Car for a Dollar A Day – Relocations

If you’re looking for a cool & cheap way to explore Australia, then relocation deals will be perfect for you!

Road trips rule! Especially in Australia, which offers beautiful, undiscovered areas. Roads through never-ending deserts, or charming beaches, hidden from the world, guarantee real adventure. Road trips are Australians’ favorite way of spending their holidays as it seems to be a fascinating way of exploring this incredible country.

Obviously, the best way to travel around Australia is in a campervan. As both accommodation and transport are included in the price. You may also travel by car with a tent. There are many ways, but most of them usually cost a great deal of money.

The perfect solution for those on a budget, but most importantly, for those who are spontaneous, are relocations, or, in other words moving vehicles from one place to another for just $1-$5 a day.



How to get a car for a $1 a day? Thousands of tourists travel through Australia in rented cars and campervans. They go from Sydney to Brisbane, from Melbourne to Cairns, from Darwin to Perth. The tourists more or less, choose popular routes. They arrive in a city and catch a flight out, leaving the vehicle they hired behind, sometimes thousands of kilometers from where they picked it up. Car rental companies would have to spend a fortune on hiring drivers to get the cars back. As a result, they offer great deals for those who want (or must) travel the route, by allowing them to rent the vehicle for peanuts (well, almost). You can have a cool campervan, a small backpacker campervan, or just a car. Some vehicles are new, some are not, but certainly all of them are fully operational.



There are numerous companies that arrange relocations, each of them can work a little different (their individual policies are worth having a closer look). Yet, there are certain common rules:

  • A campervan or car would usually cost between $1 to $15 a day.
  • The number of days for your trip is limited. For instance, to get from Brisbane to Sydney (about 1000 km) you will usually have 3 days. The time limit is calculated so that the travel is safe and easy. Well, usually. Sometimes you need to rush to your final destination, so it’s worth checking the actual distance prior to the reservation of a vehicle.
  • There is often a chance to buy additional days so that you can extend your journey. However, you pay a full rental (or discounted) price for the extra days. For instance, if you go from Brisbane to Sydney, the first 3 days are for $1 a day, but each following day costs $75.
  • The price of $1 usually does NOT include insurance or fuel. Although sometimes you may find an offer, where you will get reimbursed for fuel costs, when they really want to move the vehicle.
  • If there’s a ferry crossing on route (this will be the case for Tasmania), the car rental will pay for the ferry, but only for the vehicle and the driver. Your companions will be obliged to buy tickets at their own expense.
  • There’s a cancellation fee if you change your mind.



Relocations of campervans and cars are becoming more and more popular in Australia. The offers are usually available on the websites of the particular car rental companies, however, there are also dedicated sites for relocations from various companies. Here are some of them:



Relocations of campervans and cars are excellent for those who can and like to be spontaneous, as the best offers usually turn up just a few days before departure. It’s a great option also for those who do not mind spending long hours in a car seat, as the distances can often be large and the time limited. It’s definitely for people who have enough time and patience to look for good deals because they usually disappear as soon as they come out. What’s more, due to the imposed restrictions, it’s a great idea for those who enjoy quick sightseeing.

It’s perfect for us.


  • Melbourne to Hobart
  • Brisbane to Sydney (twice)
  • Brisbane to Kangaroo Island
  • Brisbane to Cairns
  • Broome to Darwin

Relocations work also in New Zealand and USA. We relocated cars from:

  • San Francisco to LA
  • Christchurch to Auckland

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